The most recent releases of the Young Masters Little Wisdom Series are available on the iTunes store for iPad/iPod/iPhone users!

These special-featured “Enhanced iBooks” have an audio feature read-along soundtrack narrated by Elayn J. Taylor with music by Grammy Award-winner Bunny Hull.

Each title is priced at $5.99

Click here to view in iTunes Store.

2 Responses to Young Masters iBooks on iTunes Store

  1. Jim Suelflow says:

    This is so exciting! I know you had to wait and wait and we had to jump through hoops to get the soundtrack working. I’m celebrating today! xo

  2. […] Her whole non-profit programming is based on the Young Masters Little Wisdom series. . check out – Our program Secrets Of The Heart. It’s basically an anti bullying program approached from child development, just as you say. iBooks are offered for the Young Masters Series. […]

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