Gustavo H. Vintas, M.D. is a practicing psychiatrist and child psychiatrist in Beverly Hills, California.  Here he shares his thoughts on what it takes to raise a conscientious child.  Tips for the conscious parent:


Raising A Conscientious Child – The Basics

Having a child is easy. Raising a child takes responsibility.  Raising a conscientious child requires way more effort, in particular, a conscientious parent (biological or not) who is conscientious of his or her own needs and growth as a person.

A parent teaches by example. Where one is heading is essential, however the departure is primordial, including preparation and readiness as a future parent, and pre and post-natal care.

To Be And To Have

  • Trust – joy – fun – hope – self-esteem
  • Respect for life, self, and the other
  • Freedom – play  – boundaries – limits
  • Love  – respect – warmth  – protection – nutrition  – exercise

Body, Mind & Spirit

  • The Body  – is a perfect, magnificent, delicate, fragile vehicle throughout one’s life, requiring nutritious fuel-gasoline, with regular check-ups.
  • The Mind – Oedipal and pre-Oedipal periods do influence the direction of a child’s mental Health.  In other words, the nature and quality of the relationship of those under the same roof influences the thinking, feeling mind.
  • The Spirit  – requires pause – reflection – silence at least, for a couple of minutes a week.  Together, leading the child into experiencing quietness, noticing one’s breath coming in and out.



  • Recognition of the elements of nature: earth – air – water – fire
  • Appreciation – gratefulness –  compassion – kindness
  • Attitude – boredom – loss



  • Looking at things from different angles – points of view.
  • Opportunity to express through emotions, conflict, imagination and creativity without harming the self or the other.


Living under the same roof as a team

  • Autonomy,  individuation, togetherness, collaboration, contribution
  • Tasks, duties, discipline
  • Identification, ties
  • Tolerance.


Thought – Emotion – Reaction – Behavior

  • Awareness of red flags/red lights.
  • Choices = consequences.
  • Drama belongs on the stage.


Use of Time constructively

  • Knowing that a full day has exactly 24 hours, and ends forever at midnight.
  • Knowing how to read the time on a clock/watch.
  • Knowing the time classes start and finish, and how long is spent at school.


  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • Any game or sport can only be played by its rules.
  • Watch your step.
  • Life is a one-way ticket trip, therefore…it’s important to pay attention to the itinerary.

Gustavo H. Vintas, M.D. is certified ­in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry,
American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology,
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – Buenos Aires, McGill, Cornell Universities

Dr. Vintas  practices in Beverly Hills, California

How are you reinforcing any of these principles of living with your children? We’d like to know.  Please share your thoughts.

One Response to Raising A Conscious Child – “The Basics” by Dr. Gustavo H. Vintas

  1. Fredrik Jirlow says:

    In my opinion Gustavo Vintas is one of the best child psychiatrist on the face of earth. Personally, as far father of 2 sons of 4 and 6, I have practically managed to apply the following rules.
    – At least one physical sport (swimming, athletics, biking etc…)
    – At least one ball sport (football, table tennis etc..)
    – At least one brain sport (chess)
    – One museum visit per week
    – Regular co-reading
    – At least 5 evenings per week, early to bed.
    – Candies as much as they want, but only on Saturdays
    – At least 5 days per week with only healthy food.
    – Assure a minimum of diversity in activities and life style
    – Encourage responsible behaviour
    – Encourage curiosity

    In brief, try to to follow the path of Gustavo Vinstas….

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