One of L.A.’s best!  Francisco Delgado is a dedicated kindergarten teacher for some very fortunate students at Leo Politi Elementary in Los Angeles, an exceptional school under the leadership of principal Brad Rumble.  When Dream A World first met Mr. Delgado we were conducting our Secrets Of The Heart residency program for 105 students .  His warmth, outstanding leadership skills  and years of experience brought something special to our program.   It didn’t take long to realize that Mr. Delgado was the kind of educator who put his heart and soul into his work – that his students really mattered to him.  If we had more teachers like Mr. Delgado the world would be a better place.  Thank you for being here and for all you do Mr. Delgado.  We love you very much!

2 Responses to Teacher Of The Month for May – Francisco Delgado – Leo Politi Elementary, Los Angeles

  1. Brad Rumble says:

    All so true. Mr. Delgado’s students develop a love for learning and, really, a love for themselves. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

  2. kevin orellana says:

    Hi teachers principals and vice principals of leo politi my name is kevin im a sophmore in high school i went to leo politi and graduated at the year of 2005 i loved leo politi it was my favorite school the teachers the paintings the friends and family that would come to all of our events i remember the pool we would have for us kids to learn how to swim 🙂 this school is the best congradulations to u mr.delgado and i miss this school my favorite teacher ms.ochoa 4th grade teacher thank u all to whos reading this my name is kevin from class of 2005 😀

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