Voorhees, New Jersey – The Young Masters Discovery Program was in full swing this week as class facilitator, Stephanie Pelly, taught the second week of “gratitude” using the book and music Young Masters: The Hidden Treasure.

The Discovery curriculum is easily modified to meet the needs of each school and classroom. The staff of Naudain Academy like sharing a Secret of the Heart and each storybook twice a month, including age appropriate lessons and activities. “It’s a good balance with their standard curriculum,” said Stephanie. There are lessons enough to create a weekly program and some schools and centers prefer doing it that way. “It’s great being able to customize the program.”

After proudly saying The Young Masters Pledge and singing Circle Of Appreciation the children of Naudain easily slipped into their attitude of gratitude, and that’s just what was on the agenda for this day. “One of the day’s lessons focuses on being thankful for our classmates,” said Stephanie.

One at a time each child was invited to sit in front of the class on a chair that had a big stuffed heart-shaped pillow with two long playful hands and arms. Each child was given a paper heart with their name on it and on the back of the heart it said “Thank You For Being You”. In groups of three, classmates shared reasons why they were thankful for their friends. Some children responded with comments like, “He’s nice!” or “I like playing together with you!” “She makes me laugh!” “I like to sit with you at lunch!” All three answers were written down on each child’s heart! Then the group of three repeated the phrase, “THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!” The hearts became a keepsake with lovely messages for each child.

The children felt proud to sit in the chair and honored when their classmates shared kind words of appreciation and gratitude. When the children were asked how they felt sitting in the chair one little girl said, “It felt good.” Another little boy said, “I feel happy,” another said “I like hearing kind words.”

Reflecting on what they read in The Hidden Treasure, Stephanie reminded the children how much there is in our world for which to be thankful, “but being thankful for each other and the gifts we share is really important too. Friendship is a special gift for classmates to share with each other and offering kind words to our friends is something that doesn’t cost anything, but makes someone feel special.”

Stephanie brought her treasure box to class and gratitude paper coins. The children were very excited to know about the big treasure box. “What’s Inside?” asked one little girl. “It’s about what you’re going to put in the treasure chest,” said Stephanie, “you’re going to help me fill the treasure box with things that you’re thankful for.” She then passed each child paper coins that read, I AM GRATEFUL FOR____________________. “It’s a gratitude coin,” said Stephanie. She then asked the children to write on the paper different things for which they were thankful. Many children said they were thankful for their pets, their teachers, their parents, brother or sisters and flowers and trees and even their beds at home.The children took turns reading their answers to each other and placing the Gratitude Coins inside the Treasure Chest. “Look how full our chest is,” said Stephanie. “Look how rich we are.”

The day’s lesson ended with the children singing Thank You For Being Here, one of their favorite songs. “I’m thankful each of you are here,” said Stephanie. Thank YOU for being here.

Stay tuned for the next Secret Of The Heart at Naudain Academy, a Montessori School.
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