General Curriculum

Version of the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Public and Private Schools, home schoolers and general applications.

Montessori Curriculum

Version of the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Montessori applications.

CSL Curriculum

Version of the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Centers for Spiritual Living applications.

Unity and New Thought Curriculum

Version of the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Unity and New Thought applications.

Centers for Spiritual Living Curriculum

Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for CSL

This Young Masters Little Wisdom – curriculum – was designed specifically for Centers For Spiritual Living and children between the ages of 4 and 8. Each lesson and activity of this curriculum is based on the Young Masters Little Wisdom books written by  Grammy Award Winner Bunny Hull, founder of DREAM A WORLD EDUCATION, INC.  The curriculum has been designed to empower children by teaching Spiritual Principles that connect with a variety of life skills.

The seventy-two page curriculum has been created by Bunny Hull and Stephanie Pelly.  Bunny is founder and director of non-profit Dream A World Education, Inc. which works with children in low-income schools in the Los Angeles area.   Bunny has been a practicing metaphysician since 1983 and a Science of Mind practitioner  for over twenty years.  Stephanie Pelly is an educator who has spent over twenty years teaching in public, private and Montessori Schools. You may view the world of Dream A World Education, Inc. by clicking here:

For a limited time we are offering you the opportunity to download this curriculum at no cost.  We ask only your feedback in return.  To download this curriculum simply click on the link below.

Young Masters Little Wisdom –  Curriculum – CSL


“I have found the Young Master’s Little Wisdom Series Books, CDs and curriculum inspiring, not only for the children but for the adults using it.  It has deepened everyone’s practice and understanding of principle in fun ways. It has encouraged our children to put their learning into practice in their daily lives and to share these ideas with friends and family.  Everyone especially loves the music!  As the Manager for Youth & Family Ministries at Center For Spiritual Living, Seattle and as a musician, educational consultant and curriculum writer, I find this series an excellent addition to our enriching programs.  I would highly recommend these books and CDs to parents and for spiritual centers like ours to use the curriculum in their programs, adapting them as needed to their particular population , resources and time guidelines.  For us, the six units provided six months of curriculum basics.”

Deanna Freeman, RScP
Manager of Youth & Family Ministries, Center for Spiritual Living
Seattle, Washington

“I think Bunny Hull’s Young Masters Little Wisdom curriculum is a wonderfully fresh resource for teachers offering positive, spiritually rich and entertaining lessons for young children. I love the song collection that accompanies the books and weekly themes. The content is right-on offering consistent Spiritual Principles to young children in a creative way. Each week is filled with significant affirmations and (spiritual mind treatment) prayer recognizing and honoring the Special Gifts in each child. The Young Masters Little Wisdom series is an asset to youth programs in spiritual centers everywhere!”

Michelle  Rusk
Program Coordinator
International Youth and Family Ministries
United Centers For Spiritual Living

Bunny Hull has developed Science of Mind curriculum that will  entertain and teach our young children about their inner connection with God.  This wonderful new tool, based upon her music and books,  is not only inspiring but a definite time saver.”

Rev. Dr. Susan Hulton
Youth & Family Ministry
Center For Spiritual Living, Simi Valley

“The Young Masters Series is the perfect curriculum for our Youth and Family Program.  The kids LOVE to participate, contribute and share.  We always run out of time.”

KaZ Akers,
Youth Director, CSL Palm Desert

“There is new SOM curriculum which has been specifically designed for children by Bunny Hull for the Centers for Spiritual Living and is being offered to you for FREE from Dream A World. This is exceptional and an wonderful opportunity.  I suggest downloading and using it in your children’s programs.”

Rev. Keith Cox
Chairperson, Youth Seminars
International Centers for Spiritual Living