Secrets Of The Heart

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Parent's Choice RecommendedWinner! 2008 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award

Click on this link for a review by Dr. Flora Joy for Parents’ Choice, Prefessor Emeritus, Eastern Tennessee State University

“Never forget who you are, Young Masters… You hold the secrets… Only you can discover them!”


Song List:

1. Secrets Opening

2. Itsy Bitsy Spider

3. Hitch Your Wagon To A Star

4. Heart Of A Lion

5. Little Acts Of Kindness

6. When You Believe

7. The Good You Do Lives On

8. The Hero In You

9. Beautiful Day

10. A Friend

11. Joy

12. Circle Of Love

13. We Are One

14. I Am Blessed

15. Born To Fly

16. Secrets Of The Heart

17. Child Of The Unive


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Young Masters: Secrets Of The Heart

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