Dream A World Education recently completed the Secrets of the Heart Residency program for Kindergarten students at Leo Politi Elementary in Los Angeles.

Principal Brad Rumble reports, “I have no doubt that Secrets of the Heart is the highlight of this school year for the 100 Kindergarten students of Leo Politi Elementary School who participated in the six-week multi-arts residence program. For that matter, the program is a schoolwide highlight in that it immersed the students in experiences which will remain within them always.”

To view a video of this program visit the Dream A World Education, Inc website.   click here.

To find out more about this program through Arts For All:  Los Angeles County Arts Education.  See the LACAE Program Directory.

Secrets of the Heart is a six week residency program for children K-2, which uses music, dance, theatre and visual arts to teach kids about friendship, kindness, imagination and gratitude.

Each residency begins with planning and professional development, curriculum materials, a live performance, and culminates with a children’s presentation of song, dance and storytelling. Each class receives a professionally recorded copy of a class song they create. The next residency program was recently scheduled by Dr. Michelle Windmueller, principal of Selma Elementary and will begin for their kindergarten students at the beginning of the school year in September of 2011.

Children's Book World

Bunny Hull, creator of the Young Masters Book Series works with Children at a special event.

Los Angeles, California – Dream A World award-winning author, Grammy Winner Bunny Hull recently created magic for an overflowing crowd  of parents and children from ages 2-6 at Children’s Book World. Hull read and performed songs from her American Library nominated book Young Masters: This Little Light.

Children as young as 2 and 3 years old (slightly younger than the age range for this book) were captivated as they heard songs like “Over The Sky And Under The Moon” and “When You Share Love” and participated in “A Drop Of Love,” an interactive game in which children discover how their love for others affects the world around them.

Sharon Hearn, owner of Children’s Book World, said parents claimed it was the store’s “best event ever” and invited Bunny back for another appearance scheduled for June 25th, 2011.

Moorsetown, New Jersey – The Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Program is in full swing at Montessori Children’s House as students jump into unit four in this six week program. Spontaneity is a beautiful thing! Class began with an unexpected, but perfect, twist today when the children were frightened because of a spider. They were reminded how they can be brave even when confronted by a spider as Miss Stephanie’s showed them how she could pick it up with a dust pan and bring it over to a door so it could be set free outside to roam where spiders have unlimited crawling space. Class was off and running!

Young Masters: Heart Of A LionThe children were excited to meet a new character in this week’s book Heart Of A Lion.  Her name is EEtha.  In the fourth book of the Young Masters LittleTwo brave little boys from the Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Program Wisdom series EEtha joins Butaan and Phylos as they travel through the magic garden learning about the secrets of the heart.  It was like meeting a new friend.

Together the children proudly state THE YOUNG MASTERS PLEDGE and discover today’s Secret Of The Heart ~ COURAGE.  In Heart of A Lion, Phylos has a choice to be afraid or to face his fears with courThey discuss why Phylos is afraid and how his friends help him face his fears.  They children notice how Buttaan and EEtha help Phylos face his fears by encouraging him and helping him believe in himself.  They talk about how they can help their friends, brothers or sisters face their fears.  The children are asked  how Phylos would have reacted if his friends had put him down or made fun of him and how afraid he felt. “Would Phylos would have found his courage if they had done that?” asked Miss Stephanie.  The children agreed that friends can help you face your fears and it’s important to encourage each other.

The children were then presented with their POWER BADGES.  Each child wore a special message:   I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.  I AM BRAVE.  I AM HEART SMART.  I HAVE COURAGE.  I HAVE FAITH.   I CAN DO IT.  They talked about times when they needed to be brave, like when they were at the doctors Stephanie Pelly and little girloffice and needed to get a shot or at night if they were feeling afraid of the dark.   They then discussed how important is it to believe in yourself when when you learn something new like how to tie your shoe, play a musical instrument or maybe when you’re trying something for the first time like standing up to speak in front of the class.  Instead of saying “I can’t do this,” or “this is too hard,”  there’s something you can do.  You can see the light bulbs begin to go off as they realize they can even encourage themselves by remembering to think or say positive messages like I CAN DO IT.  They can practice, work hard or ask for help if they need it.  A little self-talk goes a long way.

A breakthrough moment in today’s class happened when one little girl who is often too shy to participate stood upShy girl and Stephanie and walked to the front of the classroom to receive her special POWER BADGE.  The badge said I HAVE COURAGE.  “I Have Courage,” she said.   “Way to be,” said Miss Stephanie.  “She gently faced a big fear” said Miss Stephanie, and took a giant step forward with that small act today.  When the Power Badge was placed across her heart she gave a big smile and even had her picture snapped.  A snapshot of courage in a world that can sometimes be a scary place.

The children took home a small gift today.  A smooth rock that they will decorate with the affirmation that’s on their POWER BADGE.  A touchstone to remind them “I believe in myself.”   Courage rocks!    That’s the lesson from today’s Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery program.  Stay tuned for next weeks lesson, unit five – The Invisible Power – everything begins with a single idea!

View the video of this weeks program.  Young Masters: Heart Of A Lion

The Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Montessori is currently available for free to all you wonderful teachers by clicking here.

One of L.A.’s best! Francisco Delgado is a dedicated kindergarten teacher for some very fortunate students at Leo Politi Elementary in Los Angeles, an exceptional school under the leadership of principal Brad Rumble. When Dream A World first met Mr. Delgado we were conducting our Secrets Of The Heart residency program for 105 students . His warmth, outstanding leadership skills and years of experience brought something special to our program. It didn’t take long to realize that Mr. Delgado was the kind of educator who put his heart and soul into his work – that his students really mattered to him. If we had more teachers like Mr. Delgado the world would be a better place. Thank you for being here and for all you do Mr. Delgado. We love you very much!