Creative World


Product Overview:

For ages 3 and up

Using music to teach children how to think affirmatively. A favorite of parents, teachers and youth directors.

Songs include: God Made Me Special, Peaceful Journey, Love , One Big Family, Be Who You Are, Still Small Voice, Alphabet Affirmations, Train Of Thought, Three Little Words, All You have To Do Is Whistle, Creative World and Before I Sleep.



Creative World is designed to open a child to their creative power and to introduce them to ideas which promote a positive outlook on life.  Written for children of all ages, it holds a collection of thirteen original, positive songs that are both entertaining and enlightening.  Songs like “Peaceful Journey“, “Lovemobile“, Still Small Voice” and “One Big Family” offer ideas that embrace life, enhance self-esteem, create a sense of connection and promote creative development. A gift that will capture the heart of every child. Creative World(Download)

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