A Child’s Spirit


Product Overview:

National Parenting Publications Award Winner!

For ages 3 and up

This CD is a Dream A World best seller, used by parents and youth directors nationwide. Songs include: Bring Back To My Remembrance, God Is You & Me, Namaste, First I Plant A Seed, That’s What Makes The World Go ‘Round, Can Do, We Are Spirit, I Am Love, House Of The 3rd Pig, Something In You, Here Inside Of Me, Children Of The World, There Is A Light and Dream Lullaby.



“A Child’s Spirit” is an award winning collection of fun and inspiring original songs, by Grammy Award winning songwriter Bunny Hull, that touch the very soul of every child. This superb collection goes beyond religion, race and color, to focus a child’s spiritual growth through music, instilling simple concepts of Higher Power and positive attitudes towards life in his or her most formative years. “A Child’s Spirit” comes highly recommended as a work which seems to embrace all spiritual teachings from New Thought to Christianity, from Judaism to Buddhism. You can be sure this children’s recording is a gift of love that will last forever.

Download lyrics for this CD by clicking here!  ACS_Lyrics

A Child’s Spirit (Download)

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