Young Masters Little Wisdom®: The Invisible Power


Product Overview:

Written and composed by Award-winning Author, Grammy® Award-winner Bunny Hull and Illustrator Kye Fleming.

For ages 4-8



It seems Earth people can turn thoughts into things.  How do they do that? What can you create? In The Invisible Power they learn all about the power of creativity.  This is indeed one of the very special powers used by all the people of Earth. This hardcover book from the award-winning Young Masters Little Wisdom® series, contains a CD with audio story narrated by Elayn J. Taylor and original songs by Grammy® Award-winner Bunny Hull:  The Young Masters Pledge, Here We Go, Hey Young Master, What Can I Learn Today, Thank You For Being Here, Asanti Ku Kuwa Hapa, I’ve Got A PowerCreate Something Magical and My Invisible Power.  Also included are multimedia files for most computers and mobile devices. There is curriculum available for this book.  Click here.   A CD with music and audio story are included with this book, but if you wish to listen to clips or purchase the music and story without the book, visit iTunes by going to this link.  Young Masters Little Wisdom:  The Invisible Power(Download) , Download The Invisible Power Song Lyrics (PDF)

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