Peace In Our Land


Product Overview:

Children Celebrating Diversity

For Children Ages K1 – 4

From Grammy®-Award winner Bunny Hull and acclaimed artist Synthia Saint James, this package features nine tracks of original music and story on CD or cassette accompanied by a 24-page activity book.



National Parenting Publications Honors Award, Dr. Toy Winner Best Vacation Toy, Parents Guide To Childrens Media Award

Interactive drawings, read-a-long story, creative exercises, song lyrics and classic songs come together to illustrate the beauty of our differences and the wonder of all we share in common. Specifically designed to teach children about peace and diversity through music, art and storytelling.

Songs include:  I Plant A Seed, A World Of Difference, I Believe In Myself, Peace In Our Land, A Smile Is A Smile, The Truth About Friendship (Story), Family, Love Comes In Every Color and Thankful

You may listen to clips or purchase the music from this activity package, without the book, from iTunes by going to this link:  Peace In Our Land:  Children Celebrating Diversity(Download)


It starts with the children…

“Music creates an inspiring setting for activities that initiate conversation about self-acceptance and acceptance of others, and offers children a way to explore diversity while learning about what we all share in common.”

“If we are to have real peace, we must begin with the children.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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