Hollywood, California – It was a joyful day as eighty plus Young Masters at Selma Elementary recently showed what they learned and graduated from Dream A World Education Inc.’s six-week Secrets of the Heart residency program for kindergarten and first grade.

This very effective program utilizes the arts to teach kindergarten students about friendship and a smile through the art of music and songwriting, kindness through the art of dance, imagination through theatre arts and storytelling and gratitude through the visual arts. The program, designed by Bunny Hull, Dream A World founder and Executive Director of Dream A World Education, Inc., has been recently modified in order to continue the Secrets of the Heart theme through to the end of the school year. Principal, Dr. Michelle Windmueller says, “The program brought something so special to Selma. It fundamentally changed the way the children saw themselves. We expect to have this program here for years to come.”

Dream A World Education’s working team of artists include actress Elayn J. Taylor, flutist and actress Diane Hsu, Kenyan born drummer and vocalist Anindo Marshall and Grammy award winning songwriter and singer, Bunny Hull.

Funding for Secrets of the Heart is provided by outside resources, corporate sponsorships, foundations and by individual donors who see the value and benefit it provides for children in their most formative years..

Secrets of the Heart is currently at Gardner Elementary in Hollywood and will then go to Cabrillo Elementary in January of 2012.

San Francisco, CA – This past weekend Dream A World’s founder, Grammy Award-winner Bunny Hull was featured at the opening ceremony of the American Montessori Society Conference in San Francisco as she performed Peace In Our Land, the title track from her award winning album and book.  Supported by 150 children from Northern California Montessori Schools, the event drew over 3,000 conference attendees from around the world and t00k place at the Marriott Marquis Hotel near Union Square.

Dream A World® celebrates a successful week as they exhibited their award-winning books and music, including the Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Curriculum created by Hull and Stephanie Pelly, a Montessori specialist in New Jersey.  The curriculum and books are used in Montessori schools.  This exceptional character education, values and life skills program, also used in public schools, is based on the Little Wisdom books and music and teaches children they’re born with gifts to share with the world – these gifts are called the secrets of the heart.  Hull and Pelly provided a pathway of understanding about programs methods and goals as they shared links to parent involvement and building classroom community.

Executive Director of AMS, Richard Ungerer thanks Bunny Hull, Founder and Executive Director of Dream A World

This week the books and curriculum were purchased by Montessori Schools from around the world including it’s adoption by Ambassador Schools – Montessori in Saudi Arabia and a Montessori school in Shanghai, China, where there are plans to translate the curriculum for use in additional schools.  Dream A World® is making a deep mark in the world of children’s education with this program and the Secrets of the Heart Arts Residency curriculum currently a huge success in Los Angeles area schools.   “I am deeply touched by the commitment of these incredible Montessori educators I connected with in San Francisco and heartened by their reception and comments about our work,” said Hull.  The Young Masters Little Wisdom movement is on the rise!