Dream A World Education recently completed the Secrets of the Heart Residency program for Kindergarten students at Leo Politi Elementary in Los Angeles.

Principal Brad Rumble reports, “I have no doubt that Secrets of the Heart is the highlight of this school year for the 100 Kindergarten students of Leo Politi Elementary School who participated in the six-week multi-arts residence program. For that matter, the program is a schoolwide highlight in that it immersed the students in experiences which will remain within them always.”

To view a video of this program visit the Dream A World Education, Inc website.   click here.

To find out more about this program through Arts For All:  Los Angeles County Arts Education.  See the LACAE Program Directory.

One of L.A.’s best! Francisco Delgado is a dedicated kindergarten teacher for some very fortunate students at Leo Politi Elementary in Los Angeles, an exceptional school under the leadership of principal Brad Rumble. When Dream A World first met Mr. Delgado we were conducting our Secrets Of The Heart residency program for 105 students . His warmth, outstanding leadership skills and years of experience brought something special to our program. It didn’t take long to realize that Mr. Delgado was the kind of educator who put his heart and soul into his work – that his students really mattered to him. If we had more teachers like Mr. Delgado the world would be a better place. Thank you for being here and for all you do Mr. Delgado. We love you very much!