Vorhees, New Jersey – The Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery program begin with the Young Masters pledge as a group. “I promise to use my gifts everyday, in every way, for I am a Young Master.” Several children wanted to say the pledge by themselves or with a friend or two. They took turns.  One of the youngest girls, said the pledge all by herself with no help. Stephanie heard a child say, “What’s today’s gift?”  Each week Stephanie pulled a Secret Of The Heart  out of her cermaic gift box.   “Oh,” she said,  you mean what’s today’s Secret of the Heart?….well…”  Imaginary drum roll……as she reached in and pulled out the word LOVE.

Stephanie explained to the children that in this week’s book Young Masters:  This Little Light, that Butaan, Phylos and EEtha  share the gift of LOVE with their family, friends, teachers, pets and even the earth.  Since today was the last day for a while, she wanted to honor each child in a special way.  They read the book and then shared some of the music.

For the activity, one at a time, she asked each child to sit on a chair in front of their classmates.  They were invited to, if they wanted, wear Stephanie’s special red heart-shaped glasses.  The children took turns saying three things they loved about their friend.  A few things the children said were  “I love when she plays with me outside!,”  or “I like the way he makes me laugh,”   Children even gave compliments, like, “I like your hair or I love your shirt!”  One little boy sat in the chair for his turn and said, “Can my friends say five things they like about me?”  “I guess he loved hearing kind words,” Stephanie said, admitting she is truly entertained by the honesty of children.

Today each child was presented a special certificate for being a Young Master and completing the Little Wisdom Discovery Program.  During the past six weeks, the regular teachers have told Ms Stephanie that the children were always very excited to learn about the Secrets of The Heart – Friendship, Imagination, Gratitude, Courage, Creativity and Love.  It’s been a remarkable and memorable experience.  One they will never forgot.

As the class ended each child put their hand on the hearts and said, “I AM A YOUNG MASTER!”  Then they all shouted PEACE!  “Yes, you are,” said Stephanie. They all closed their eyes and sang Thank You For Being Here one last time, with Ms. Stephanie.  “Always remember to use your gifts,” said Ms Stephanie, “you each have special gifts to share with the world.”

Before she left, she noticed all the YOUNG MASTERS books and CDS are in the classroom library.  One little boy commented, “I like to sit at my desk and listen to the books on the CD and look at the pictures of Butaan, Phylos and EEtha.

“It’s been a very rewarding time,” said Stephanie, presenting this program.  “Now off to the next school and a new classroom of Young Masters.”  Join us for Stephanie’s continuing Little Wisdom adventures.

Stephanie Pelly is co-creator of the Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Curriculum and conducts the program at Montessori Schools throughout New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas.  Contact us to find out how Stephanie can conduct the program at your school.

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