A recent quote by the Dalai Lama read, “My hope and wish is that one day, formal education will pay attention to what I call education of the heart. Just as we take for granted the need to acquire proficiency in the basic academic subjects, I am hopeful that a time will come when we can take it for granted that children will learn, as part of the curriculum, the indispensability of inner values: love, compassion, justice, and forgiveness.”

The time is here.  The time is now.

How do we learn to love and to be kind?  How do we learn the wisdom of gratitude and the awesome power that lies within our imagination and creativity?   We teach our children through modeling this behavior.  We teach them by using all means and methods available to us.  Dream A World and Dream A World Education, Inc. has created programs, books, music and curriculum that encourage children to remember the gifts they were given at birth – the secrets of the heart.  There are tools that exist to create a path for children to find out who they are and how they make a difference in the world.  These tools are being used in public schools, Montessori Schools, by home schoolers and by Spiritual Centers and Churches around the world.  The education of the heart is happening now.

Join our quest to teach all children –  the art of living.  One by one we change the world!