One of the most important things we can teach children, and something we could all do well to remember for
ourselves as adults, is that we’re all born with gifts. Gifts we’re meant to share with the world.

In the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum, we begin by teaching children that their gifts are called the Secrets Of The Heart. They are friendship and a smile, imagination, gratitude, courage, creativity and love. There are so many more and yet these beginning concepts can introduce children to discover the talents that lie within them. The talents for which they will eventually develop passion and ultimately a career. It’s their entree to discovering their true purpose in life. The gift that only they can give. One they are meant to share with the world.

We’re pleased this month to offer you a copy of the Young Masters Pledge which you can frame or post in your classrooms or send home with your children.

Thank you for the difference you make in the world. The world needs you! The Young Masters Pledge

The Friendship Seed – Teaching the art of friendship to five year olds

Moorsetown, New Jersey – Stephanie Pelly implemented the Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Program for twenty eager young students at the Montessori Children’s House in Moorsetown yesterday.  The program, a special addition to this quarter, began April 5th and will run through May 17th.  Each Tuesday, Stephanie brings one “Secret Of The Heart” to students through story, song and creative interactive workshop.  The first “Secret Of The Heart” was friendship.  It all began when children took the Young Masters Pledge and talked about what a gift was – not the kind of gift you buy in a store, but the kind that you carry inside your heart.  The gift of friendship.  They listened to the story, The Friendship Seed and found out, not only how you make a friend – but how you keep a friend.  They talked about the qualities of friendship and wrote them on their big flower poster, they discovered some of the things we all hold in common and learned how we’re all connected.  The paper friendship chains they exchanged was an example of that connection they got to take home with them.  It was a great day for these children as they learned what it really means to connect with someone – what it means to be a friend.  After all what would the world be without friendship and what would life be without the good friends make along the way.

Montessori teachers:  You can download this curriculum for FREE!  Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Montessori

Click here to watch a little video of the day’s activities.  Young Masters Discovery Program – The Friendship Seed

Flower poster to learn about friendship.