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Drop Of Peace Poetry and Art ContestFirst Place Winners

Drop Of Pease Art First Place

“Peace” by Nina Jazz Torres, Age 10, of Los Angeles, Calif.
Drop Of Peace Poetry First Place
"Peace" by Casey Goodwin, Age 10, of Las Vegas

First place in the poem category went to Casey Goodwin, 10, of Las Vegas. Upon learning of her win, Goodwin said, “I wanted to write a poem about peace because I think it’s so important to have peace in the world. It’s so cool it will be a song. Can I hear it now?”

Torres, a student of Larry Gluck’s Mission: Rennaisance Fine Arts Studio, said, “I wanted to make a picture of birds getting along together’because if they can, why can’t we? We should all have fun and enjoy each other, not fight.”

“Nina’s drawing is surprisingly brilliant,” said Los Angeles artist Synthia Saint James, the critically acclaimed illustrator of the U.S. Kwanzaa Postal Stamp. Saint James judged the art portion of the contest.

Both children also receive a limited edition print of the Saint James painting, “Harmony,” which graced the cover of Hull’s award-winning Peace in Our Land: Children Celebrating Diversity album.

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Drop Of Peace Poetry and Art Contest

by Nina Jazz Torres
Age 10, of Los Angeles, Calif.

by Casey Goodwin
Age 10, of Las Vegas

“What Peace is All About”
by Boonnwadee Palagab
Age 9, of Las Vegas

– and –
by Tessa Parker
Age 10, Newbury Park, Calif

“Hands Around the World”
a drawing by Amneris Marrero
Age 10, of Las Vegas

“You Can Bring Peace”
a poem by Pamela Gonzalez
Age 9, of Las Vegas

“Peace is the People”
a poem by Chai Larsen
Age 10, of Las Vegas

“There couldn’t be a better way to teach children about Kwanzaa’s values…A fabulous song and an original story present and explain the basic principles of Kwanzaa. The catchy song will have the whole family singing and dancing to the chorus after the first few lines.”
Vicky Reed, M.A.
Coordinator Storytelling and Children’s Literature for the
Department of Continuing Education at University of San Diego

“This exceptional gift set emphasizes that Kwanzaa can be celebrated by everyone. The tape’s inspiration is two-fold: first featuring a song that educates the listener about the holiday’s seven principals…then on side two there is an original story narrated by Karen Malina White (Cosby Show, Malcolm & Eddie) whose rhythmic storytelling invites the listener to join in the festivities. Hull, a Grammy Award Winner and Saint James, creator of the U.S. Kwanzaa Postal Stamp and an illustrator who’s awards include a Coretta Scott King Honor, have created an entertaining and educational treasure…..”
Elaine Gant
Tunes For Tots
Los Angeles Family
America’s Largest Regional Family Magazine


“It is never too early, or too late, to talk to children about respecting diversity…Creating an environment rich in possibilities for exploring diversity helps children develop their ideas about themselves and others and creates the conditions under which children initiate conversations about differences.
PTA Magazine, Caryl M. Stern-LaRosa
February 2000, “Talking To Your Children About Diversity”

“I highly recommend this package to parents and teachers everywhere. Its inspiring music and creative exercises provide a positive environment which moves children to actively participate in exploring their differences. A must for K1 4 curriculum.”
Susan DeBlasio, Teacher
Corinne Seeds UCLA Elementary, Los Angeles, California

“Children have a positive curiousity about diverse socio-cultural groups. They now have this wonderful tool that celebrates our differences with words, pictures, and songs. The book and song themes and messages are clear, positive, fun and easy to use by parents, children, and professionals. I highly recommend this extraordinary learning package.”
Hershel K. Swinger, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Children’s Institute International, Los Angeles, California

Artist Synthia Saint James and Grammy Award winning songwriter Bunny Hull have teamed up to produce an alliterated alphabet treat! The original sing along with a story/activity book combines the ABCs with positive thoughts and self-affirmations, resulting in a unique teaching tool. On the title track, the strength of the recording, Hull’s easily understood voice is accompanied by bouncy rhythms that listeners will remember.

One affirmation is included for each letter of the alphabet, such as “H” for helping, “I” for intelligent and “J” for joy. The reproducible activity book includes corresponding coloring pages, activities and the text of the story, “Adventures in Alphabet City.” The story offers ABC fare in an abundance of alliterated sentences, neatly arranged into alphabetized paragraphs. Librarians, teachers and counselors will appreciate the self-esteem issues presented. A nice addition to story hours, public libraries may want to consider purchasing a copy for their professional collection.
Kristen Martindale, Buford Academy, GA
American Library Journal Review, January 2001

“Hull’s “Alphabet Affirmations” uses music, art and an inventive story to stimulate positive growth in children at an early age. At a time when children are formulating their ideas, attitudes and personal character traits this interactive package has found a simple, straightforward and entertaining way to lay a foundation for not only learning but also developing good mental habits. I highly recommend it!”
Irene P. Ayala, Special Education Attorney