Review Highlights: “Happy Happy Kwanzaa”

“There couldn’t be a better way to teach children about Kwanzaa’s values…A fabulous song and an original story present and explain the basic principles of Kwanzaa. The catchy song will have the whole family singing and dancing to the chorus after the first few lines.”
Vicky Reed, M.A.
Coordinator Storytelling and Children’s Literature for the
Department of Continuing Education at University of San Diego

“This exceptional gift set emphasizes that Kwanzaa can be celebrated by everyone. The tape’s inspiration is two-fold: first featuring a song that educates the listener about the holiday’s seven principals…then on side two there is an original story narrated by Karen Malina White (Cosby Show, Malcolm & Eddie) whose rhythmic storytelling invites the listener to join in the festivities. Hull, a Grammy Award Winner and Saint James, creator of the U.S. Kwanzaa Postal Stamp and an illustrator who’s awards include a Coretta Scott King Honor, have created an entertaining and educational treasure…..”
Elaine Gant
Tunes For Tots
Los Angeles Family
America’s Largest Regional Family Magazine


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