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Getting parents involved in the Young Masters Little Wisdom curriculum will allow the children to thoroughly process what they are learning at home. That’s where the rubber meets the road.

“I see you, I hear you, what you say matters to me.” Oprah Winfrey

I was struck by the quote above, which I heard on Oprah Winfrey’s last show. The one thing that every human being longs for is acceptance – to be heard and to know they matter. Our children long to know they are loved and valued despite the often necessary, “no you can’ts and don’t do thats” and the ongoing lessons in discipline they receive on a regular basis. Ultimately they need to know they make a difference in the world. Perhaps you’re using the curriculum for home schooling and you’re already living the principles this curriculum teaches with your children. Bravo! Maybe you’re even spearheading a home schooling group in your area and sharing your materials.

For those who are teachers and have classrooms and groups, getting parents involved in this program will make magic memories and help them create an unbreakable bond. These may well be the most important principles they will ever learn. The Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum is teaching them they were born endowed with powerful gifts. It teaches them what some of those gifts are and how they can use them.

They will learn to practice using their gifts – at home, at school – and in their immediate world. They will look to their parents and other adults around them to see if they too are using their gifts. How are they doing it? Kids are smart and after all we’re never too old or too young to be reminded we have gifts to share. Here are some ways you can encourage the parents of your students to get involved with this program and make a really meaningful difference to this process. This is something you’ll want to set up at the beginning of of the program.

The Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum can be used once a week over a six week span, or you can review and discuss one book, once a week for a month, extending the curriculum over a six month period. We recommend this. The curriculum is rich with activities. There’s more than enough to really dig into each principle, allowing the children to experience each deeply and completely.

Here are some tips for getting parents involved in your program:

1.) Host a little orientation for the parents and children the week before your program begins. Tell them about the program and show them the books. Play some of the music. Let them know they can buy these books from your bookstore, or order them online if they wish to read them to their children at night before bedtime during the program. Repetition is the mother of invention.

2) Seat everyone in a circle. Go around the circle, start with yourself and have each person – adult and child – introduce themselves, say where they were born and something they love to do.

3) Teach parents and children the Young Masters Pledge, suggest they say it together in the morning to start their day.

4) You might have the children and parents create a “Secrets Of The Heart” vision board. Bring some materials that day and begin the process. How do they see themselves using their gifts. Suggest they take it home and work on it together, have them bring it back when the program ends and create a gallery to display their work and inspire others at your school, church or center. Be sure you and your helpers participate in this activity too!

5) Send the affirmation of day home each day or each week and ask that the children can say them at home every day with their parents.

6) Hand out the Young Masters Checklist to the parents and have them bring it back at the end of the program to see how they all did.

7) Ask your parents to commit to five minutes a day to do these things:

  • Say this weeks affirmation together

  • Talk about how they each demonstrated this week/months “Secret of the Heart” and once a week check off something on the YM Checklist.

  • Ask their child what they did in school that day, what they’re most proud of and if there’s anything they want to talk about that happened.

8) Create a calendar for your program. Make sure parents, administrators and volunteers are all on the same page so they know what’s coming up and when.

Young Masters Little Wisdom Culmination

9) When the program completes, have a culmination performance for your school or for your congregation. Have the children say the Young Masters Pledge and perform one or more of the songs. Ask a parent or two to tell everyone what their child learned or how they changed during the duration of the program.

10) Talk with your parents. Create interaction. Have a Young Masters picnic. Or a Young Masters talent show. Have a creativity contest to see what your Young Masters can invent. Improvise! Have at it. Let us know what you come up with so you can be an inspiration to others. Take pictures, write a short article and send them to us so we can post them on the website!

If you’re unable to host an orientation, be sure to send the letter that’s included in the curriculum (or create your own letter) home to parents and talk with them about the program. It works best however, when you can have a real connection with the parents, can talk with them and engage them more deeply in what their children are about to learn.

Written by Bunny Hull
© Dream A World 2011

Dream A World teacher presentation

Here are 10 curriculum tips and some downloadable goodies that will help you make the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum your own. When you have fun…they have fun!



1.) If you are working with a group of children, put them in a circle and sit in the circle with them. It will create a focal point for the lesson and direct their energy toward each other, encouraging them to make eye contact with you and each other.

2) If you are a youth director who works with children beyond the 4-8 age range, utilize the older children to help with a younger group. Have them read the book to the little ones, operate the CD if you’re using the audio story or let them assist with activities. Create a way for them to mentor the younger children. Everyone will learn something. It creates a sense of purpose for them and lets them know that they’re needed.

3) Honor each child by highlighting them in some way. For example, bring them up one at a time to hand them their power badges. Call them up by name and have them repeat the affirmation on their power badge after you.

4) Create some props you can use for your lessons. Make it visually exciting for the children. When it’s fun for you it’s fun for them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Write each “Secret of the Heart” on a piece of paper and put them in a container, but the affirmation of the day on the back. Each week pull the “Secret of the Heart” for the week out of a container you’ve brought. Teach them to say, spell or even sign it! (Some of the ASL signs are shown on the kids programming portion of this site) Have them repeat the affirmation of the day, and give them a copy to take home to say with their parents each day during the week.

  • Bring a small treasure chest for The Hidden Treasure.

  • Use a small globe or another small object as a sort of “talking stick.” Have the children pass it to the next person when it’s their turn to talk.

  • Bring some special “heart shaped” glasses for the children to wear when they stand up to share.

5) Let children take turns leading the Young Masters Pledge.

6) The curriculum is designed for seasoned teachers and beginner teaching volunteers. You can modify or customize lessons to suit your style and group.

7) This curriculum has been used with children as young as three years old with great results. So don’t be afraid to include a few younger children to see how it goes.

8) If you’re short on time, try a group art project. Let kids create a big piece of art that focuses on the “secret of the heart” for the day. They can draw, paint, cut and paste, put stickers, their hand prints or plant color kisses on it. Great for teaching sharing, taking turns and cooperation.

9) Play music in the background while you’re doing arts and crafts projects.

10) If you’re using your curriculum for the first time look at it a good week ahead. Let it sink in. As you think about it you’ll come up with some great ideas how to make it your own and it will give you time to prepare your props. And if you’ve never worked with kids know that no two groups of children will ever respond the same. Expect the unexpected!

Things to have on hand:

1) A CD player

2) Some art supplies: Kid proof scissors, markers, crayons, pencils, paper, construction paper, magazines, stickers, glue, play dough, food coloring, butcher paper (to cover tables or floors while you’re working on art projects.

3) A hula hoop

4) A colorful rug to sit on.

DOWNLOAD GOODIES FOR YOU! Click on the links below to download.

Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum Graduation Certificate

Have a graduation ceremony for the children. Once they’ve completed the program present them with this certificate to celebrate what they’re learned! Have them wear their Young Masters Headdress.

Power Badges

Here are some pre-designed stickers for you for the lesson on courage. You can print these on Avery Labels #5164. Or feel free to create your own with the templates from the curriculum.

Young Masters Checklist

This is a checklist of activities your Young Masters to use with their parents. Yes parents play a part in the program too! This is a helpful tool to track the process and progress of each child. How are they using their gifts? Teachers, hand this to parents at the beginning of the program when you have your orientation/workshop. If you’re using your curriculum by reading and processing each book over a four week period, there’s an activity for each week. Ask children each week what they did and discuss the details. They can put it up on the refrigerator where it can be seen everyday. Check something off each week!


One of the most important things we can teach children, and something we could all do well to remember for
ourselves as adults, is that we’re all born with gifts. Gifts we’re meant to share with the world.

In the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum, we begin by teaching children that their gifts are called the Secrets Of The Heart. They are friendship and a smile, imagination, gratitude, courage, creativity and love. There are so many more and yet these beginning concepts can introduce children to discover the talents that lie within them. The talents for which they will eventually develop passion and ultimately a career. It’s their entree to discovering their true purpose in life. The gift that only they can give. One they are meant to share with the world.

We’re pleased this month to offer you a copy of the Young Masters Pledge which you can frame or post in your classrooms or send home with your children.

Thank you for the difference you make in the world. The world needs you! The Young Masters Pledge

Hollywood, California – It was a joyful day as eighty plus Young Masters at Selma Elementary recently showed what they learned and graduated from Dream A World Education Inc.’s six-week Secrets of the Heart residency program for kindergarten and first grade.

This very effective program utilizes the arts to teach kindergarten students about friendship and a smile through the art of music and songwriting, kindness through the art of dance, imagination through theatre arts and storytelling and gratitude through the visual arts. The program, designed by Bunny Hull, Dream A World founder and Executive Director of Dream A World Education, Inc., has been recently modified in order to continue the Secrets of the Heart theme through to the end of the school year. Principal, Dr. Michelle Windmueller says, “The program brought something so special to Selma. It fundamentally changed the way the children saw themselves. We expect to have this program here for years to come.”

Dream A World Education’s working team of artists include actress Elayn J. Taylor, flutist and actress Diane Hsu, Kenyan born drummer and vocalist Anindo Marshall and Grammy award winning songwriter and singer, Bunny Hull.

Funding for Secrets of the Heart is provided by outside resources, corporate sponsorships, foundations and by individual donors who see the value and benefit it provides for children in their most formative years..

Secrets of the Heart is currently at Gardner Elementary in Hollywood and will then go to Cabrillo Elementary in January of 2012.

Orlando, Florida – From March 15th – March 17th Dream A World® is exhibiting at the American Montessori Conference in Orlando, Florida – Booth #227. In addition Bunny Hull, Founder and Director of Dream A World Education, Inc and Dream A World® and Stephanie Pelly, Montessori Peace Educator are teaming up to present Building Classroom Community and Character Through Music . This workshop will take place on Friday, March 15 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM.

All Montessori teachers and administrators are invited to join Bunny Hull a Grammy®-Award winning songwriter for this workshop that integrates music, rhythms, and interactive games for students ages 3 – 9. You’ll learn upbeat songs, creative art projects, and lessons that enhance language development and build social and emotional skills by focusing on universal themes such as friendship, courage, and gratitude. You’ll leave with new tools for using music to create a joyful learning environment and build classroom community, and you’ll see how music can be a key element in character education and peace education programs.

There are currently ninety participants signed up for this workshop, so sign up now while there is still room available.

Bunny Hull is a Grammy®-Award winning songwriter and the founder and executive director of Dream A World Education, Inc., an arts education, character education, and life skills program used in public schools in Los Angeles. She has worked with children since 1994 after a career in the music industry as a vocalist, songwriter, and producer.

Stephanie Pelly is a peace educator and consultant to Montessori and public schools. She has worked at Naudain Academy Montessori School in Voorhees, NJ, for 14 years as an assistant teacher, camp counselor, and after care teacher.

Rev. Richard Burdick, Associate Minister and Youth Director at Unity North Atlanta:

We at Unity North Atlanta church have just been introduced to the “Young Masters, Little Wisdom” curriculum and are very happy we have found it.  We happened upon this work by Bunny Hull and Stephanie Pelly through a recommendation of another church in the Atlanta area and are grateful for the connection.  We are excited about this curriculum because our children’s ministry is always looking for new and fresh lessons for our children that are grounded in spiritual principle without “preaching”.  We have found that and more in the work of these two ladies.

There is so much to applaud in this work, not the least of which is the creative aspects that provide an atmosphere for the youngest members of our congregation to explore their spirituality through music, art, play, story and fun.  The music is well produced and remains “kid friendly” without playing down to them.  The artistic projects are thoughtful and easy to implement assuring each child of success.  The stories are accessible to the young mind without over simplifying the message and the lessons themselves have been well designed to create flow.  Most of all the “Young Master’s, Little Wisdom” curriculum provides an opportunity for our children to think for themselves.  This last concept is crucial to our children’s ministry as we believe it is our job to help our youngest members discover truth for themselves as opposed to telling them what truth is.   Questions always create more learning than answers and the well thought out questions included this curriculum are very helpful.  We plan to implement the “Young Master, Little Wisdom” curriculum this Fall and have every expectation that it will be a wonderful addition to our thriving children’s ministry.

Rev. Richard Burdick
Youth Director, Unity North Atlanta

The Friendship Seed – Teaching the art of friendship to five year olds

Moorsetown, New Jersey – Stephanie Pelly implemented the Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Program for twenty eager young students at the Montessori Children’s House in Moorsetown yesterday.  The program, a special addition to this quarter, began April 5th and will run through May 17th.  Each Tuesday, Stephanie brings one “Secret Of The Heart” to students through story, song and creative interactive workshop.  The first “Secret Of The Heart” was friendship.  It all began when children took the Young Masters Pledge and talked about what a gift was – not the kind of gift you buy in a store, but the kind that you carry inside your heart.  The gift of friendship.  They listened to the story, The Friendship Seed and found out, not only how you make a friend – but how you keep a friend.  They talked about the qualities of friendship and wrote them on their big flower poster, they discovered some of the things we all hold in common and learned how we’re all connected.  The paper friendship chains they exchanged was an example of that connection they got to take home with them.  It was a great day for these children as they learned what it really means to connect with someone – what it means to be a friend.  After all what would the world be without friendship and what would life be without the good friends make along the way.

Montessori teachers:  You can download this curriculum for FREE!  Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum for Montessori

Click here to watch a little video of the day’s activities.  Young Masters Discovery Program – The Friendship Seed

Flower poster to learn about friendship.

How do children really learn what it means to have an imagination? 

Moorsetown, New Jersey – Stephanie Pelly introduced Montessori students to their “Magic Eye” this past week.  Children naturally use their “magic eye”, their imagination, but do they really understand the value of this important gift that’s always available to them?  The Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Program works to connect children with concepts like imagination.

Stephanie Pelly, co-creator of this curriculum, is facilitating the Discovery program at Montessori Children’s House where this week she focused on empowering children to use their own imagination in a variety of ways. The children start with the Young Masters Pledge, then read and listen to the the story from Young Masters: The Magic Eye.  Next they are guided through several right brain activities as they creatively express themselves, verbalizing all that they’re seeing in their mind’s eye.

Stephanie and boy with the Magic CircleThey practice being storytellers as they examine pictures of different people from magazine cut-outs. They use “The Magic Circle”, a hula hoop, to pretend they’re fishing, eating a bowl of ice cream or building a sand castle. One boy even sees a train moving around in circles on a track. They sit inside “The Magic Circle” and pretend they’re somewhere else.  One child is  in a big city naming all the vehicles he sees, one sits at home petting her dog. One little boy even sits on the Easter Bunny’s lap. What does the Bunny look like, what color is he or she? What fun!

 The song  Circle Of Creation, from “The Magic Eye” CD is played as they pass the “earth ball.” When they song lyric says “tell me what you see,” the children name different animals they see on the globe.

Stephanie then makes the connection as she explains  to the children that they can use their imagination any time.  It’s always available to them, whether they’re laying in bed and feel afraid of the dark or feel bored and are looking for a way to entertain themselves. They can use their imagination to decide what color socks to wear in the morning or to solve a problem…and they can exercise their imaginations by playing these games with another friend or by themselves.  A powerful concept that can later translate into children understanding how their imagination can be used to create their future.

Stephanie and three childrenConnecting children to the gifts that come natural to them are what the Discovery Program is all about.  Helping them discover who they are and what makes them unique.  Encouraging them as their individual characteristics and personalities emerge. This is the gift that teachers like Stephanie Pelly give to children.  

Click on the links below to view videos from the Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Program from Unit 2 of
The Magic Eye

Young Masters: Circle of Creation

Young Masters: The Magic Eye – Learning How You Make A Difference

Stay tuned for the next unit – Young Masters: The Hidden Treasure as the children at Montessori Children’s House discover gratitude and why it’s so important to be thankful.

The Young Masters Little Wisdom Discovery Curriculum for Montessori and other versions of this curriculum are available right  now for free.  Click below to take advantage of this offer so you can share this gift to the children in your life.

Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum

Rev. Mark Accomando, Youth Director at Center For Spiritual Living – Palm Desert reports on using the YMLW curriculum with his youth.

YOU INSPIRE ME !!!! Thank you so much for creating this amazing curriculum that is fun, practical and inspiring.

We did the Friendship Seed this Sunday and made the friendship chain! It was so much fun and we had all the kids listen to the book story from the CD , It was so fun for the kids and adults.  I primed the kids to help them listen by telling a story about the “time before there was TV”, and radio, and newspapers when all people had to be entertained was through story telling. I think this really helped since our youth are so accustomed to being entertained by videos and TV . They really listened and got the message. When one of the kids was asked what a friendship seed was when we were in front of the community he responded,”When we place a smile in the Heart” PRICELESS!!!

Also, it worked out that we had a baby blessing happening in the church so when we all came in singing you are the Face of God with our friendship chain we broke off a piece for the baby to bring home…it was all Divinely led !!

Love this new curriculum !!

We ordered 3 sets of the book collection today to sell at our youth table!

Rev.  Mark Accomando
Youth Director, Center For Spiritual Living – Palm Desert