Rev. Richard Burdick, Youth Director at Unity North Atlanta, talks about the Young Masters Little Wisdom Curriculum

Rev. Richard Burdick, Associate Minister and Youth Director at Unity North Atlanta:

We at Unity North Atlanta church have just been introduced to the “Young Masters, Little Wisdom” curriculum and are very happy we have found it.  We happened upon this work by Bunny Hull and Stephanie Pelly through a recommendation of another church in the Atlanta area and are grateful for the connection.  We are excited about this curriculum because our children’s ministry is always looking for new and fresh lessons for our children that are grounded in spiritual principle without “preaching”.  We have found that and more in the work of these two ladies.

There is so much to applaud in this work, not the least of which is the creative aspects that provide an atmosphere for the youngest members of our congregation to explore their spirituality through music, art, play, story and fun.  The music is well produced and remains “kid friendly” without playing down to them.  The artistic projects are thoughtful and easy to implement assuring each child of success.  The stories are accessible to the young mind without over simplifying the message and the lessons themselves have been well designed to create flow.  Most of all the “Young Master’s, Little Wisdom” curriculum provides an opportunity for our children to think for themselves.  This last concept is crucial to our children’s ministry as we believe it is our job to help our youngest members discover truth for themselves as opposed to telling them what truth is.   Questions always create more learning than answers and the well thought out questions included this curriculum are very helpful.  We plan to implement the “Young Master, Little Wisdom” curriculum this Fall and have every expectation that it will be a wonderful addition to our thriving children’s ministry.

Rev. Richard Burdick
Youth Director, Unity North Atlanta

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