Young Masters Little Wisdom Series Used in Los Angeles Public Schools

Explaining the violinLos Angeles, CA – Dream A World Education the educational non-profit arm which evolved from the music and books developed by Dream A World is using the Young Masters Little Wisdom series in public schools across Los Angeles to bring arts and values into underserved schools.

The books and music are used by classroom teachers to introduce students to each phase of the “Secrets of the Heart” residency program which teaches music, dance, theatre arts and visual arts to children in kindergarten. The program is delivered by professional Los Angeles based artists and involves parents of children throughout the project as they create vision boards which are shown gallery style at the program’s final culmination. The “dream boards” display the dreams and goals of both children and families and stimulate conversation about how friendship and a smile, kindness, imagination and gratitude, the “secrets of theheart” can be used to achieve our dreams.

Parent vision board 2

“Secrets of the Heart” is now in 10 schools across the Los Angeles area to bring arts educations to children that may not otherwise have opportunities to experience arts education. Dream A World Education is funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation, Weingart Foundation, Dwight Stuart Foundation, L.A. County Arts Commission, California Arts Council, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and the 2nd District and additional foundations and private donors. Find out more about the important work Dream A World Education is doing in schools across Los Angeles.

Young Masters Little Wisdom books are used in Montessori Schools around the world.

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