Latest Customer Reviews for Young Masters: Little Wisdom Series

“I am a literacy educator, so I anticipate opportunities to use these books with parents and children in schools and classrooms throughout central Virginia. I have four sons, and thankfully, one of them is still young enough to fully appreciate the prose and the songs. As he listens to the stories and songs, I can see a spark in his eyes and a quiet contentment that is deeply personal. I am so glad you thought of this idea and that you’re doing so much to promote love and peace and personal empowerment. Thank you.
– Angie Miles (King)

In Young Masters Heart of A Lion the reader both young and old is given a context for courage that includes vocabulary, practice and inspiration. I love this entire series! They are as much for me as the children I read the book to making them a great gift for the child of all ages.
– Pattie Mercado, Youth Director and Mom

Butaan, Phylos and EEtha have become endearing friends to my children and their classmates. Young guides for them to learn and grow with while inspiring laughter, creativity and thoughtfulness in a way that is sincere and heartfelt.
– Betsy Chasse, Producer and Mother, Intention Media, Inc.

Truth for young..and older minds – The Heart of a Lion, was a gift I sent to my 8 year old grand nephew for Christmas. Not only did he love it, he shared it with his 10 year old sister and she shared with some of her friends.I loved it and I’m not in the age range by many years. The words, music and art are amazing.These books are fun and also teach good thinking ideas for all who read them.I recommend this series to anyone wanting to express positive living in their families. Keep up the good work, the world needs more books like this !
Frank, an Uncle from Los Angeles

There are so few books these days that teach traditional values, I’m very grateful to Bunny Hull for this series. This book teaches our children how important it is to give to others and how to be thankful. It’s an excellent addition to a wonderful series by the author. The hardcover book is well constructed to last a long time. I’ve sent them to every family member with children, and the kids love the books and the music.
– Chuck in LA

Heart Of A Lion – A gift for all ages – This series is incredible for children. Ms. Hull has the ability to weave fun, insights, education, and more in such a light and easy to read manner. It is clear one of her gifts in writing, is to ignite within each child their own gifts. I applaud her ability to inspire and to teach in a simple, yet profound manner. This is a must for children and parents who want to have children who are in tune and in touch with their own personal self empowerment.
– Keith Cox, Director Youth Seminars, ICSL

Join the world of Bunny Hull to know the incredible world that she creates. Yesterday my grand-nephew came with his mother, father and aunts for his party. We read to him and played the music by Bunny Hull. It was so much joy that the three generations shared. The wisdom in her books are unique for children of all ages. Do give yourselves a gift with all six in the series of “Young Masters”
– Charlotte Sherman, mother, grandmother, great-aunt

The Friendship Seed, The Hidden Treasure, The Magic Eye are books I purchased for my children, and they loved them. They touched me and the kids hearts, minds and souls. They are truly an enrichment for educating and entertaining young children. The musical CDs that accompany each book are perfect for the audio/visual learner. I am so happy to find books that teach values and inspiration .
– Diane Richmond, teacher, mother, grandmother, Las Vegas, Nevada

I love Heart of a Lion. My favorite line in the whole book is that COURAGE helps you to be brave enough to say NO when someone asks you to do something you know isn’t right. Our children face wrong pressures, lures and enticements everyday. They face situations that didn’t exist even 20 years ago. How nice to have Heart of a Lion at this point in time to help our little ones learn that it’s OK to say NO and to walk away from a wrong situation or a wrong person. I give Bunny’s books as gifts to friends who have little ones and when I do I know I’m giving them something healthy, helpful and Right. The CDs that are included with each book are wonderful. Thanks Bunny.
– Amy Arnaz, mother, Former Director – Boulder City Ballet

Heart Of A Lion – This book is simply wonderful for kids (and their adults too)! With all the bullying problems going on, this book helps empower children by teaching them what it means to believe in themselves. “You know your perfect just the way you are.” GREAT!
– Jim, in LA

Bunny Hull and Kye Fleming have created an absolutely charming universe inhabited by Butaan, Phylos and EEtha. The illustrations by Kye Fleming are delightful, simple and sophisticated and just perfect for Bunny Hull’s music and story. I found myself hungering to hear Elayn J. Taylor’s voice as Aunt Saphinne, such a beautiful and intelligient reading. Bunny Hull’s songs are inspiring and enlightening and witty. But the most important value of this series is the message. How I wish I had had these words and songs and drawings when I was a child. Great gifts for any season.
– Kay Dennis Robinson, Great Aunt, Accountant

Heart Of A Lion – How do you explain the concept of courage to a small child? If hard pressed, I don’t think I could, but Bunny Hull has found a way to give children a way to understand the meaning of courage and how ultimately it comes from believing in yourself. I gave my sister, who’s a first grade teacher, a complete set of Little Wisdom books. She says this book is especially important when it comes to teaching children how to deal with a bully. When we can teach children to believe in themselves enough perhaps they will not be as affected by the remarks of others, or not be afraid to tell someone ” to stop hitting you.” You can’t control the actions of someone bent on hurting you, but you can control the way you feel about yourself. This book guides a child to believe that they’re important. Great concept to give a child. I love this book!
– Irene Ayala, Attorney

Young Masters: This Little Light – This masterful book is exceptional. The book, along with the musical CD, so joyfully and easily translates the concept of LOVE to all who read it. It is so beautiful to be able to teach young and old ones that LOVE is something they are—not something to seek. Ms. Hull has done it once again. If you work with children, have children or grandchildren, know anyone with children, or even want to reconnect with the child within —SHARE THIS BOOK! It is wondrous, truthful, awe inspiring, and transformational
– Keith Cox, – Director Youth Seminars, ICSL

I am writing this review of Bunny’s book The Invisible Power with my most sincere appreciation for her entire body of work. Bunny’s newest trilogy, which includes The Invisible Power, is a beautiful teaching tool for children. I have worked with children for 35 years and see how easily they are distracted or fall into a state of boredom. Keeping their minds alert and alive is a prime goal for teachers. The Invisible Power encourages children to expand their ideas and nurture Creativity. I love the line on page 17 that says “It’s all inside that little seed of an idea.” How true! When children love something, develop a talent or make a new discovery they stay alert and are eager to learn more. This state is fertile ground for Creativity. Each of Bunny’s books comes with a CD conveniently tucked inside the front cover so your little one can hear the story being told and enjoy original, rhythmic, fun music too. You may even find yourself singing along! I recommend this book and all of Bunny’s books for use in classrooms or at home. Enjoy!
– Amy Arnaz, Boulder City, Nevada

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